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Study: Low-carb diet best for weight loss and for reducing cholesterol


By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer 52 minutes ago (July 17th, 2008) (edited by Dr. Adams)
The Atkins diet may have proved itself after all: A low-carb diet and a Mediterranean-style regimen helped people lose more weight than a traditional low-fat diet in one of the longest and largest studies to compare the dueling weight-loss techniques.
A bigger surprise: The low-carb diet also improved cholesterol more than the other two.  Some critics had predicted the opposite…
The study is remarkable not only because it lasted two years, much longer than most, but also because of the huge proportion of people who stuck with the diets.  Over  85% of those participating in the study stuck with it.
Average weight loss for those in the low-carb group was 10.3 pounds after two years. Those in the Mediterranean diet lost 10 pounds, and those on the low-fat regimen dropped 6.5.
More surprising were the measures of cholesterol. Critics have long acknowledged that an Atkins-style diet could help people lose weight but feared that over the long term, it may drive up cholesterol because it allows more fat in the diet.
The low-carb approach seemed to trigger the most improvement in several cholesterol measures, including the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL, the "good" cholesterol.
The study is not the first to offer a favorable comparison of an Atkins-like diet. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association last year found overweight women on the Atkins plan had slightly better blood pressure and cholesterol readings than those on the low-carb Zone diet, the low-fat Ornish diet and a low-fat diet that followed U.S. government guidelines.
I’m telling ya, low carbing is the way to go!!
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