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New Studies Show: ADHD Medication Not Effective Long Term And AIDS Vaccine may Increase Risk...


Frankfort, KY  This is a very “touchy” subject.  If your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit

 Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you know this to be true.  And you are also not alone…

 According to ADHD statistics:

·   About 1% to 3% of the school-aged population has the full ADHD syndrome, without symptoms of other disorders. Another 5% to 10% of the school-aged population has a partial ADHD syndrome or one with other problems, such as anxiety and depression present.

·   Another 15% to 20% of the school-aged population may show transient, subclinical, or masquerading behaviors suggestive of ADHD. A diagnosis of ADHD is not warranted if these behaviors are situational, do not produce impairment at home and school, or are clearly identified as symptoms of other disorders.

·   Gender and age affect the ways in which people with ADHD express their symptoms. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to have symptoms of ADHD.

·   Symptoms of ADHD decrease with age, but symptoms of associated features and related disorders increase with age. Between 30% and 50% of children still manifest symptoms into adulthood.

·   A classroom with 30 students will have between 1 and 3 children with ADHD.

·   Boys are diagnosed with ADHD 3 times more often than girls.

Emotional development in children with ADHD is 30% slower than in their non-ADD peers. This means that a child that is 10 years old will have the

·   emotional development of a 7 year old, a 20 year old will have the emotional maturity of a 14 year old.

·   One fourth of children with ADHD have serious learning disabilities such as: oral expression, listening skills, reading comprehension and/or math.

·   65% of children with ADHD exhibit problems in defiance or problems with authority figures. This can include verbal hostility and temper tantrums.

·   75% of boys diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have hyperactivity.

·   60% of girls diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have hyperactivity.

·   50% of children with ADHD experience sleep problems.

·   Teenagers with ADHD have almost four times as many traffic citations as non-ADD/ADHD drivers. They have four times as many car accidents and are seven times more likely to have a second accident.

·   21% of teens with ADHD skip school on a regular basis, and 35% drop out of school before finishing high school.

·   45% of children with ADHD have been suspended from school at least once.

·   30% of children with ADHD have repeated a year in school.

What Are Your Options?

And for many years, many parents believed medication was the best option for their ADHD diagnosed children.  And why wouldn’t they?

In 1999, a study concluded that after one year, medication worked better than behavioral therapy.

This finding skyrocketed prescription rates of ADHD drugs like Ritalin and Concerta.

Results Of Study Disturbing

But now a study obtained by the BBC's Panorama program says drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta work no better than therapy after three years of treatment.

The findings by an influential US study also suggested long-term use of the drugs could stunt children's growth.

After longer-term analysis, the report's co-author, Professor William Pelham of the University of Buffalo, said: “I think that we exaggerated the beneficial impact of medication in the first study.”

“We had thought that children medicated longer would have better outcomes. That didn't happen to be the case.”

“There's no indication that medication is better than nothing in the long run.”

Professor Pelham said there were “no beneficial effects” of medication and the impact was seemingly negative instead.

“The children had a substantial decrease in their rate of growth so they weren't growing as much as other kids both in terms of their height and in terms of their weight,” he said.

According to the BBC News, “The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is currently revising the treatment guidelines for ADHD.  Chair of the working group, Dr. Tim Kendall, said they were devising a strategy, which was likely to involve training for parents as well as “behavioral interventions”.

Personally, I think diet can play a big roll in controlling this disorder.  Significantly reducing sugar intake would be a great place to start.

And now something completely different but equally important…

AIDS Vaccine May Increase Risk Of Contracting The Disease

            According to a November 13th, 2007 Reuters report, “Thousands of people who volunteered to test an experimental AIDS vaccine that may have actually raised the risk of infection will be told if they got the actual shot, researchers said.”

In the study, some participants received the actual vaccine and others got a “fake.”  This is common practice in studies to see if the results are actually from the substance they are testing… or just placebo.  Usually, participants never know which group they were a part of.

But now, Merck & Co. Inc. and researchers said they would inform everyone who got the active vaccine shot versus the “fake.”  Why?

Because two international trials of the experimental vaccine were stopped in September after it became clear the vaccine did not prevent infection with the AIDS virus.

And then, according to Reuters, in early November 2007, “researchers said they saw some worrying indications that the vaccine somehow raised the risk of infection, although they stressed the vaccine could not itself cause HIV infection.”

“All study volunteers will be encouraged to continue to return to their study sites on a regular basis for ongoing risk reduction counseling and study-related tests,” the researchers said in a statement.

It is obvious from both ADHD medications and AIDS vaccinations… as a health care consumer… you must be aware of ALL your options and be sure the “treatment” you choose does not put you at risk or make you worse.  Drugs and invasive treatments are not always the answer.


And don’t forget, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your health, talk to us. Contact us with your, questions. We’re here to help, and don’t enjoy anything more than participating in your lifelong good health.


Inspirational Story Of The Month –
(Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy.)

“Human Angel Tries To Make The Blind See Again…”

If you think angels only exist in fairy tales, you will find this story very interesting.  And it may change your opinion… about the existence of angels…. once and for all.

            Here is why.

            Kaial is a tiny 5-year-old girl from Calcutta.  She always seems to have a smile on her face.  And, in many ways she is just like any other little kid.  Except…Kaial is completely blind because her angry stepmother poured acid in her eyes during a spat.  This happened while she was still in her homeland. Kaial is now in Tennessee for the chance to have her sight restored by an angel.  That angel is Dr. Ming Wang who helped establish the Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration in 2003 to treat… without charge… cases of corneal blindness through a combination of transplants and laser treatments. As reported in a Reuters’ article, “Kaial’s world is dark and painful but she laughs because she is so happy,” said the smiling, soft-spoken Wang. “Life itself is music with its inspirational beauty amid the suffering, and she has found that.” Kaial was abandoned at the age of three in a train station.

            In the same Reuters’ article, Grace Zaidl, the caretaker accompanying Kaial, said: “She had no chance -- blind and female -- much unwanted in a population of abused children whose limbs are sometimes amputated to arouse pity when sent out to beg.” She underwent her first surgery May 14, with more to come, though the outcome is uncertain as the damage was worse than initially thought. Wang, who has successfully performed dozens of surgeries, is optimistic. Kaial also has special hope now because she is living with a family in Nashville that hopes to adopt her.

That “Magic Moment”

A magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University Medical School with a doctoral degree in laser physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the 46-year-old Wang is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and attending physician at Nashville’s St. Thomas Hospital. He spun that career out of grim prospects -- in his native China he faced deportation to work camps in the aftermath of Mao Zedong's 1960’s Cultural Revolution.

“Fortunately, my father was a doctor and was able to bribe professors to admit me to medical school to audit classes. I was studying to be a doctor I could not be -- I hadn’t even finished high school,” Dr. Wang recounted. “But the government soon found out and I was kicked out.”

Undaunted, he set about learning to play the Er-hu, an ancient Chinese two-string violin requiring considerable skill that Maoist officials revered as a special talent and which Wang hoped would save him from deportation. The Er-hu is the primary string instrument in a Chinese music ensemble. After Mao’s death in 1976, Wang quickly gained admission to a university by cramming his remaining two years of high school into three days and nights of study.

“On February 3, l982, I managed to get a mentor and arrived in the United States with $50 cash and a Chinese-English dictionary,” he said. “I was 21 years old and entered Harvard, where I supported myself teaching undergrads physical chemistry while studying laser physics.” Wang said his drive to succeed came from starting out with nothing and the shadow of having no control over his life. “But the drive is not based on material success,” he said. “It is the third dimension that is more important than wealth. The drive is to create a magic moment when someone sees again -- the essence of human life. At the end of the day, that is what matters.”

 At the time of this story, Dr. Wang and hundreds of his colleagues were at the “Eye Ball”… a special black tie fundraiser for his cause. And Kaial completely stole the show with her smile and optimism. But Dr. Wang has higher hopes for next year. We hope to walk across the stage with little Kaial… and have her see all the flash bulbs of photographers… and… all the smiling faces… and a few tears… that are looking back at her.

Everyone should be thankful for people like Dr. Wang and Kaial.  They teach us lessons and motivate us to take action everyday to make our world a better place to live. Yeah… sure… he may not be a “real” angel… with wings etc.

But everyone must admit… Dr. Wang is at least an “honorary angel!”

         We love helping our patients and their friends and relatives through their tough times and getting them feeling better!  We are here to help you stay feeling better and looking younger!  Don't be a stranger.  Call us, and we will assist you in putting together a customized maintenance plan. It's not a luxury anymore! With our low monthly payment plan, it's less expensive to maintain your good health! You really can afford Chiropractic care! Don't wait until you can no longer move!

Did You Know?...

Bicycling may do a man’s heart good, but it won’t do much for his bones. Men whose primary physical activity is bicycling are much more likely to have low bone density in the hips or spine.  Osteoporosis is often thought of as a woman’s health issue because waning estrogen levels after menopause leave women particularly vulnerable to the condition.  Running, jumping and other weight-bearing activities put the bones under stress. This forces the bones to respond by becoming stronger. In contrast, low-impact exercise, like biking or swimming, works the heart and trims the waistline, but puts little strain on the bones. These types of aerobic exercise have many health benefits; however, it is important that individuals who spend significant amounts of time engaging in non-weight-bearing forms of exercise do something extra to strengthen their bones. For people who can’t jog or jump rope - due to an injury or arthritis, for example - strength training with weights offers an alternative.  Power lifting is considered more effective for building bone than is standard strength training.

Tip Of The Month

If You Are Looking For A "Dumb" Gift...You'll Find It Here!!!

I’m sure it’s happened to you.  You’re all excited to unwrap a sweet holiday gift… and when you do… you’re stunned.  You get that, “what the heck were they thinking?” reaction.  You know what we’re talkin’ about!

            I’m sure that’s something you know all too well.  But here’s something I bet you don’t know:  There is a website that is devoted to finding… and ranking… the worst gifts!  It’s true.  And, it’s funny.  The site is…

“These gifts are so ridiculously stupid that everyone will want them,” said's founder, Gary Apple, in a statement.  And here’s’s top 10:

1.      Mistletoe To Go

In the mood for love but on the go? Consider this portable mistletoe. This attractive arrangement of faux mistletoe comes with a suction cup that attaches to your forehead.

2.      The Hillary Nutcracker

Love her or hate her, this is a new take on Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton who, in holiday tradition, is made into a nutcracker.

3.      Slingshot Monkey

The Slingshot Monkey is a stuffed monkey dressed like a superhero. It flies up to 50 feet and screams along the way.

4.      Larry Craig Action Figure

The talking Senator Larry Craig action figure wears a T-shirt with his declaration: “I Am Not Gay.” His limbs are bendable and he delivers a portion of his news conference after pleading guilty to lewd behavior in an airport bathroom.

5.      Uncle Oinker's Gummy Bacon Candy

One of America's favorite smoked-meat products has been reproduced as a candy. Uncle Oinkers Gummy Bacon comes packaged the same way as real bacon and even looks like real bacon.

6.      Inflatable Moosehead

No need to go through the expense and trouble of tracking down a moose and shooting it dead when you can simply buy an inflatable moose head for the trophy wall.

7.      Electronic Yodeling Pickle

The electronic yodeling pickle is a 6-1/2" plastic pickle with a high-tech interior. When you press the pickle's button it belts out a yodel reminiscent of the Swiss Alps.

8.      Poo-lar Bear Candy

It's a plastic polar bear that you fill with candy poop so when you press down on the bear's hind quarters, he poops out a tasty treat.

9.      Get Off the Phone Excuse Machine

If you have trouble getting off the phone from some people, this small electronic device could be the answer. Press a button for “Whoops, there's the door” or “I can't hear you, you’re breaking up,” and you can get off the hook.

10.  USB dancer

This bikini-wearing dancer plugs into your computer's USB port and audio port and when sound plays on your system, she dances and gyrates around the pole.

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Do you take Vytorin??? Think again!
Here is Big News!!

Intensified concerns on the cholesterol drug Vytorin

International Herald Tribune, Miami
By Alex Berenson (edited by Dr. Adams)
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In a clinical trial the cholesterol-lowering drug Vytorin did not help people with heart-valve disease avoid further heart problems but did appear to increase their risk of cancer, scientists reported Monday.

The scientists who reported on the trial, called Seas, cautioned against panicking over the cancer findings, saying that even well-designed clinical trials sometimes produce chance results. A review of two other, much larger trials did not find a similar risk, they said.

 Vytorin and Zetia, a companion drug, are prescribed each month to almost three million people worldwide and are among the world's top-selling medicines.

But other cardiologists and epidemiologists said that the cancer risk could not be so easily dismissed.

The findings of the Seas trial will heighten concerns about Vytorin's safety and effectiveness, said Dr. Steven Nissen, a former president of the American College of Cardiology and a longtime critic of Vytorin. Six months ago, a fourth clinical trial, called Enhance, also failed to show that Vytorin benefited patients, leading a panel of top cardiologists to recommend using Vytorin and Zetia only as a last resort.

Since that recommendation, Vytorin and Zetia prescriptions have plunged, though the drugs remains among the largest sellers for Merck and Schering-Plough, which jointly sell them. The drugs had combined sales of $5 billion last year.

(By the way, the amount of money spent on these two drugs alone is about the same as the total spend on Chiropractic in the United States in one year!!)

 Dr Adams’ 2 cents worth…  There are other, much safer ways to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.  Call or come by the office and I will share the information with you!