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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”Charles Darwin

You're never going to believe this...

Fish Oil May Be Better Than Drugs For Preventing Heart Failure

Plus: Drug Researcher Fabricates 21 Studies! The Supplement That's Helping Weight Loss... and... The Real Killer In Sunlight Researchers Have Been DEAD WRONG About... and MORE...


Frankfort, KY  For years, people have been trying to convince us that like a fine wine, we get better with age.  I’m sure you’ve heard, “You’re only as old as you feel!”  Or, “40 is the new 20!”
            Well, as it turns out… all this may be nothing more than…
A Bunch Of Well Meaning BUNK!
            At least, that’s what it seems like from the results of a new study from the University of Virginia. According to the study, our mental abilities peak at age 22 and begin to decline at the ripe old age of 27!
            Researchers studied 2,000 men and women aged 18 to 60 over seven years. The people involved – who were mostly in good health and well-educated – had to solve visual puzzles, recall words and story details and spot patterns in letters and symbols.
            The results were published in the Journal Neurobiology Of Aging and found that in 9 of the 12 tests, the average top performer was 22 years old.
            The first age where performance began to slip significantly was 27.  Memory began to decline from age 37 and worse results were shown by age 42.
            But, there was a little good news.  Abilities based on accumulated knowledge, such as vocabulary and general information, continued to increase until the age 60.
            One has to wonder if the scores on these tests may have been skewed by the fact that many people graduate college at the age of 22.  After that, they may not be involved in things that are as mentally challenging… Who knows?…
            Or, maybe the reason is that vegetables are not as good for you as they used to be.
            That’s right.  According to new research, produce in the United States not only tastes worse than a couple generations ago… but they also contain fewer nutrients.
            Today’s vegetables are larger, but evidently size is not everything.  The average vegetable today found in the supermarket is anywhere from 5% - 40% lower in minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc than those from 50 years ago.
            And there is also the “dilution effect.”  This is where crops are genetically altered to achieve the highest yield.  Higher yield produce consistently had lower amounts of minerals and proteins.
            Ok, let’s move right along. There’s a lot to cover here and so little time…
Study Shows Calcium Helps Weight Loss
            A new study has shown calcium consumption helped participants lose weight, but only in people whose diets were low in calcium to begin with.
            The participants (obese women) consumed 600 mg of calcium per day before the study. When the women upped their daily intake to 1,200 mg per day, they lost nearly 13 lbs, while those who did not only lost 2 lbs. (The daily recommended dose of calcium is 1,000 mg.)
            Researchers suspect the brain knows when there is a lack of calcium in the body and increases food intake to try and compensate.
            Whatever the reason, it looks like everyone should make sure they are getting the recommended daily allowance of calcium.
            Besides calcium, what else should you get every day?  What if someone told you…
            That’s crazy!  The sun causes skin cancer… right?
            Not so fast!  According to recent research, common beliefs about sunlight and sunscreens may have been all wrong.
            Dr. Dianne Godar of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a study that showed UVA (long wave ultra-violet light) might be responsible for the melanoma… not UVB (medium wave ultra violet light).  The UVB light is what causes us to tan and our bodies to produce Vitamin D.
            But here’s something important:  UVB can NOT pass through window glass… but… UVA can.  This means you are exposed indoors and in your car!
            According to Dr. Godar, indoor workers may be at a greater risk of melanoma… not outdoor workers!              It seems as though our bodies produce Vitamin D in response to UVB light, which appears to be protective against melanoma.  Low Vitamin D levels correlate with melanoma and year-round tans protect against melanoma.  In fact, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Health website, “Melanoma patients who expose themselves to the sun live longer than those who don’t.”
The Great Sun Block Debate
            You should always be sure to use plenty of sun block before going into the sun… right?  That depends…
            For years, sun blocks did NOT protect against both UVA and UVB like they said they did on the package and in marketing.
            Many only protected against UVB.  So, for years it looks like they blocked the rays that might actually be protective and let the bad ones through.
            That’s why it is important to use a sun block that also blocks UVA.  But the best thing is probably to get small amounts of sun… without getting burned… and then cover your body with clothes.
            Chemicals may not be the way to go.
And. let’s end on a disgraceful note this month…
Drug Researcher Fabricates 21 Studies!!!
            According to the Wall Street Journal,  “A prominent Massachusetts anesthesiologist allegedly fabricated 21 medical studies that claimed to show benefits from painkillers like Vioxx and Celebrex, according to the hospital where he worked.
Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass., said that its former chief of acute pain, Scott S. Reuben, had faked data used in the studies, which were published in several anesthesiology journals between 1996 and 2008.”
            One has to wonder, considering the big money involved, how widespread is this type of activity?

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Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep = Diabetes!
Reuters recently reported people who sleep fewer than 6 hours a night are likely to have blood sugar problems, which puts them at risk for diabetes. In a study, people who slept less than 6 hours were 4.5 times more likely to develop abnormal blood sugar readings within 6 years.

My Bicycle Riding Begins!
Remember a couple of months ago when I said that I was going to start riding by bike to the office??!!

That starts this week! I have upgraded my bike with the help of Troy Hearn, at Capital City Cycles.

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Inspirational Story Of The Month –

(Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy)

Kay Yow Molded Young Lives That, In Turn, Gave Her A Reason To Live


Getting up for work every day is hard.  Now, imagine doing it every day… for over two decades… suffering with cancer.  That’s what Kay Yow did.  And, she did it possibly better than anyone else ever could have, touching lives and helping hopes and dreams come true.  Clearly, she helped mold a generation of young women who will be successful and live much better lives because of Kay.
            All the while, no one ever heard her complain or even mention that she was suffering with breast cancer.  (Not that she hid it.)  As North Carolina State’s Head Women’s Basketball Coach, she compiled an impressive resume…
Yow had a record of 737-344 over 38 years -- 34 years with North Carolina-- with countless milestones along the way.  She coached the U.S. Olympic women's basketball team to a gold medal in 1988, won four Atlantic Coast Conference tournament championships, earned 20 NCAA tournament bids, and reached the Final Four in 1998.  She was also inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame in 2002. North Carolina State dedicated "Kay Yow Court" at Reynold’s Coliseum in 2007.  As she was first diagnosed in 1987, she accomplished most of this while suffering with breast cancer. And, her fans know her for much more than just basketball wins. 
They know her for the much more important things like: adherence to principles, morals, values, her unwavering resolve while fighting cancer, and how she raised awareness and money for research and stayed with her team even through the debilitating effects of cancer and chemotherapy.


Winning an Olympic Gold Medal pales in comparison to the bigger life lessons and life’s “games”
Kay Yow taught young women to compete– and win.

            According to ESPN:  She never flinched or complained, relying on her faith as the disease progressed. She commonly noted there were “other patients with harder battles than I'm fighting” and said it was inspiring for her to stay with her team.  "Almost everybody is dealing with something…We're all faced with a lot of tough issues that we're dealing with… We know we need to just come to the court and let that be our catharsis in a way. You can't bring it on the court with you, but we can all just think of basketball as an escape for a few hours… I have to go through it. I accept that, and I'm not panicked about it because the Lord is in control. But it just would be so saddening if I had to go through it and I couldn't help people. But then I see I'm helping others in a greater way than I ever have. That's the amazing thing, you know?”
            For most of the 2007 season, Yow, weakened by the disease, sat on the bench while her Assistant Coach (Stephanie Glance) barked commands to her players.  At times, she had to be helped to her feet.  But, Yow always found ways to keep coaching and instilling faith in her players.  Glance called her an “Iron Woman,” and players wore pink shoelaces in honor of their warrior leader.  Even opposing players donned the pink laces to show their appreciation and respect.  In fact, whenever Yow was in town, people would often stop her and say they were praying for her.  This kept Kay going because she knew her efforts meant something.  Her entire life and career were built around helping others and self sacrifice.


And Kay Yow’s message is more important for EVERYONE
right now… more than any other time.

            Many people are struggling.  Or at least THINK they are struggling. Countless people have already given up because of a rough few months or year, when Kay Yow achieved just about all her massive success while fighting cancer for over 2 decades.  Your problems, most likely, pale in comparison to Kay Yow’s. 
            Next time you think things are so bad that you want to give up, think about Kay Yow and what she said: “If you start to dwell on the wrong things, it’ll take you down fast.  Every morning I wake up and the first thing I think of is I’m thankful.  I’m thankful for another day.”

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Did You Know?...
That science is the key to understanding what goes right and wrong in the kitchen? Cooking is chemistry. This kind of chemistry happens when you put chopped red cabbage into a hot pan: Heat breaks down the red anthocyanine pigment, changing it from an acid to alkaline (and also causing the red cabbage turn blue). Add some vinegar to increase the acidity, and the cabbage is red again. Baking soda will change it back to blue. Cooking vegetables like asparagus causes a different kind of reaction when tiny air cells on the surface hit boiling water. If you plunge them into boiling water, the cells pop & they suddenly become a much brighter green. Longer cooking is not so good. It causes the plant's cell walls to shrink & release acid. So as it starts gushing out of the cells and with acid in the water, it turns cooked green vegetables into a yucky army drab. Literally, overnight you can go from a nice green banana to an overripe banana. The culprit is ethylene gas given off by the bananas themselves. If you put an apple in a paper bag with an unripe avocado, ethylene gas will work for you overnight. What are acids & bases? An acid is defined as a solution with more positive hydrogen ions than negative hydroxyl ions, which are made of one atom of oxygen & one of hydrogen. Acidity & basicity are measured on a scale called the pH scale. The value of freshly distilled water is seven, which indicates a neutral solution. A value of less than seven indicates an acid, and a value of more than seven indicates a base. Common acids include lemon juice and coffee, while common bases include ammonia and bleach. Why does food spoil? Processing and improper storage practices can expose food items to heat or oxygen, which cause deterioration. In ancient times, salt was used to cure meats and fish to preserve them longer, while sugar was added to fruits to prevent spoilage. Certain herbs, spices and vinegar can also be used as preservatives, along with anti-oxidants, most notably Vitamins C & E. In processed foods, certain FDA-approved chemical additives also help extend shelf life.


Tip Of The Month How To Survive Hard Times Without Losing Your Mind And Taking Years Off Your Life!

Not too long ago, most people (and doctors) believed sickness and disease came from tangible things.  For example, germs caused disease. You got sick by coming into contact with a certain germ…and that germ made you sick with whatever illness it represented. This, of course, is the germ theory of disease we give Louis Pastour credit for.  But over the years, even though popular belief held the germ theory as 100% truth…others have challenged its validity.  How?  Well, the simple question is: If germs caused sickness and disease…why is it that doctor’s can treat sick people all day and not constantly be sick? Wouldn’t it make sense for doctors to be sick 100% of their lives if simply coming into contact with germs made you sick? Interesting question. And this question has led to interesting debate, some answers… and…more questions…Without getting into the raging debate, one thing is obvious: Germs alone are not the reason you get sick. Many times you can come into contact with germs and not get sick. The main reason you can come into contact with germs and not get sick is because, plain and simple, your body is much stronger than germs are... most of the time. And here’s what that means: If you are well-rested, eating proper foods, not under stress…basically functioning close to optimally… your body will “beat up” any germs that try to invade your body to make you sick. This is much like a swimming pool that is well-filtered and has all the proper chemicals. Mosquitoes will not come and lay their eggs in that crystal clear water. But if the filter breaks and the chemicals are all gone…the water will stagnate and the mosquitoes will take over. Clearly, the mosquitoes did not pollute the pool water…the mosquitoes were simply attracted to water that was ready for the taking. The same seems to be true with germs. It’s possible that they do not make your body sick…instead they are attracted to a body that is already run down. What does all this have to do with surviving hard times without losing your head or your health?  Unless you are going to live in a bubble, the best way to not get sick is to keep your body and mind strong. And to do that, you must reduce and control the amount of stress in your life. And in today’s environment that is not the easiest thing to do. So you must take steps to actively combat the onslaught of stress you face each and every day. Clearly, just like germs, you cannot eliminate stress. What you can do is control your reaction to it. For example, there was a woman who lost half of her income due to the economic collapse. She was no longer able to pay her mortgage. The first thing she did was panic. She didn’t sleep for a couple weeks and barely ate. The end result was a serious case of the flu – which cost her more money from missed days of work.  She gets paid per day. When she was at her lowest, she made a mental shift. She changed from worry mode to action mode. She contacted attorneys, her accountant and other experts and they came up with a plan. And then she acted on that plan. Funny thing was, as soon as she began to act – most of the stress disappeared. Sure, it wasn’t fun, but some things in life aren’t fun. Now she knows exactly what she has to do to make it to the other side – and do it with her health and sanity. As long as she doesn’t lose that, she will be ok and rebuild. So, if you are under tremendous stress right now – take action. Surround yourself with good people who know what they are talking about. Not everyone is a Bernie Madoff. Taking positive action is one of the best ways to control killer stress.


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